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Friday, June 1, 2007

Catching up with my sock pics!

So today I caught a break in the weather and went outside to catch some much needed pictures of some of the socks I have done. Last summer I had done the Jaywalkers with some cotton mix yarn that I think was Online brand. If it wasn't then it was Sockotta. I love them but they are a bit loose...I tried to knit on 1s but that wasn't working so any ways here they are...

A couple of weeks ago I started and finished this awesome pair of Monkey socks from Knitty in Jitterbug that some wonderful fellow sock knitters got me for my birthday! It says Popsicle but we thought Jamacian man! They are so me! I love crazy yarn! Unpredictable beautiful yarn. Jitterbug was fun to work with and so soft I will certainly go and get more as soon as the budget allows... This was the end result...

This week I have been getting ready for the end of school and managed to get the first of the Spiral eyelet pattern done in Step! I love it! So soft! Definitely will be looking for colors I can stand in this one...It is tamer than most my sock yarn but I like the colors together and it just looks right. Who knows what the next pattern may be...can't wait to see which yarn calls out to me next!

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