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Monday, June 18, 2007

What now?

Ever drift aimlessly in the knitting scene, tired of knitting the same type of thing again and again? Unsure of where to travel next? I finished my socks in Step last night. I then discovered that the sweater I so badly wanted to knit wasn't going to look right with my yarn given my gauge was way off the given...I have had this yarn for a year now and I am no closer to making into something for myself than I was then. Even better it has been discontinued...surprise... my knitting chicks can attest to the fact that it has been nothing but trouble even to simply wind up. So I am faced with two sock yarns to start...I am tired of socks. I have made 6 pairs of socks for myself in the last year....4 for my for the hubbie and several pairs of baby booties... I want a break...So I might start an afghan...I know here it is June in Missouri and I am thinking of starting a warm blanket. My friend needs a blanket. I am off to search the patterns in my stash.

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