The Lady who got me started

Monday, March 26, 2012


It is spring again here in Missouri and while I see everything in nature growing around me I am very aware that it isn't the only things growing! My son, Alex is now taller than both of his parents and he is only 13, and our youngest, Abby has a bigger pile of pants that are too short than ones that fit!

I have been trying to walk our dogs every day but there are always some bumps in the road but experience tells me that those bumps make the rest of the ride worth while! In sad news we had to put Mellow our beautiful dog to sleep but it then opened our hearts to Neo who has quickly become Klaus's partner in crime. They play every day together and I know they are both very happy.

Hannah started high school this year which was a huge jump for all of us and it has been wonderful seeing her blossom in front of our eyes!

At the beginning of the year I celebrated (although quietly) my one year anniversary of working at Knit and Caboodle! It has been such an awesome experience for me and has made me feel much more confident in my knitting and my ability to help those around me! I have been teaching beginning knitting for almost 2 years and have just started my first sock class. It is so wonderful to see everyone and their desire to learn new things!

All in all life is in full swing and I am loving most moments with all my heart and trying to remember every day, those that haven't made it this far. We have lost a close, close friend and watch a few others battle with all their hearts. I have reconnected with family that I feared for a long time didn't want to know me. I feel blessed with this life and have every intention of living it up to the fullest. :)