The Lady who got me started

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am guilty

Okay so I thought I would try and write more often...the problem with that is that with 3 kids on spring break my time has been well crazy lately. But, the kiddos are back to school already and next week I start back myself! My friend PG13 had written about the beers I brought to her and then I thought "eeks it has been too long since I posted anything" Before I do anything else though here are some beers that although I can't drink beer due to allergy everyone says these are the best Vermont beers...Magic Hat "9"; Long Trail "Blackberry Wheat"; and
Trout River "Hoppin' Mad Trout"
Knitting has not been going so well aswell it is too freaking hot here. My northern blood is boiling. All I want to do is go back to Vermont where I was a couple of weeks ago and deal with what they consider a hot summer... I am knitting nothing at the moment. The last thing I tried to knit, I frogged. I am bored and I don't know where to begin. I have laceweight which I would love to try but am kinda scared because none of my other projects have been turning out right. One of first blogs had a picture of the Yarn Harlots snowdrop shawl that I had started and that is about how far I have gone so far... Maybe that is what I need to work on.
As I leave here are a couple of pictures of my minivacation to I miss home.