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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

This year brings with it so many chances and many wishes to be made and granted.

Last year was a hard one. I lost one of my best friends ever after a long battle with cancer at the young age of 31. Doesn't seem fair still that her husband and two young kids are without their wife and mom. Then I lost a wonderful lady that I adopted as an extra Grandma. Grandma Sweetser encouraged me to sing in the choir even though everyone picked on me about it and gave me hugs that I was missing sometimes. And then to top it all off I lost my Grammie, my last living grandparent. She taught me so much, to cook like her and mom, to knit and how to embrace the Yankee that I am. These three women were some of the toughest ladies I know and every day I miss them.

With the new year comes so many possiblities...I promise myself to put myself first more, cook healthier for my family, knit more complicated patterns, make myself a sweater, and embrace life more fully. With this new year also comes with the chance to be a foster mom to angora rabbits! Here is the first little dude, Mr. F as we call him.

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