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Saturday, August 14, 2010

It is almost tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my son's 12th birthday and as we sit on the edge of his becoming a teen I am trying to figure out this new roll. As nice as it would be for things to stay the same, I do understand the need to become a man and do more with his dad and less with me. However, he has always been my little man and thus makes it a little more of a stab in this moms heart. I have never been a mom to a boy before or since so this has been all new every step of the way.

The day Alex was born was a beautiful one, aside from my husband looking into my eyes (knowing all the messed up pregnancy dreams I had had) and said, "Look honey, you had a lizard!" My boy was a big baby weighing in at 9 lbs and 14 ozs and 22.75 inches long. But I didn't see any of that, all I could see was this beautiful baby with the bluest and biggest eyes I had ever seen. The nurses were all talking about how it looked like he was actually taking it all in, not to mention he was holding his head up in the delivery room! So we named him with a name that may be a blessing, it may be a curse, but Alexander Nicodemus Merseal he has become. So on this day, I vow to try to be the best I can for him to turn a great young man into the world. Happy Birthday. I have loved you since before I could see you, and love you more each day since.

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