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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A week and a half in under 5 days!

So on weekends I work at my favorite yarn shop, Knit and Caboodle and on Sunday that is where I was when I received a text message that about stopped my heart. It was my oldest daughter, Hannah who said, "there are bees in my room." She was absolutely panicked which is understandable considering how allergic she is. So her dad decided it was time to set a bug bomb off in her room and presto they would be gone... She slept upstairs Sunday night as it smelled awful and was dirty in her room. Monday morning she crept downstairs to find something before school and found two more bees in there. Sigh. So, I went down to investigate, and found them definitely in her room and upon further looking around I heard them...In Alex's ceiling. I came upstairs and was feeling a little nervous myself, not just because I didn't want to get stung, but I knew one of our kids is allergic (the other two have never gotten stung). So, Keith and I called in the big guns. We called the pros. And were told that they wouldn't be able to come until Tuesday between 8 and 2 (and that appointment time always drives me nuts). We did feel a little better for a little while because we had a plan.

What we didn't count on was that others had plans too.

By Monday evening, the bees had made it into the laundry room which made me decide I was not going in there. And we found two upstairs. Killed them I did, killed them dead.

So, with Alex camping out on the couch, all 8 guinea pigs upstairs, Hannah camping out in Abby's room with her we went to bed.
Oh how I would have stayed in bed if I had known what was about to happen.

Bright and early Tuesday morning we got a call from Boeing saying that my mother in law was being taken to the ER because after having a very low blood pressure all week, it had spiked crazy high. Keith still had to go to work which would strand me here with no way to go get Lin if she got released. And then the bug guy showed up in the middle of that stress to tell us yes, you have honey bees but have no fear, I will save the day! So, feeling a little more steady myself I called Lin's boss to figure out if there was a way to get her car off the Boeing property so we could use it (see after 9/11 you can no longer just drive up to defense plants like you use to without clearance). He was more than happy to help us but needed to figure out the best plan of action. So, Keith finished getting ready for work, and the rest of us got ready to run out the door with him. We showed up at Boeing with keys in hand and received her car, and went our separate ways (Keith to work, me home to wait on any news from the hospital).

In the end Lin ended up spending the night and came home yesterday basically all because her doctor didn't look at her meds and took her word for what she was on instead of what was in her file. So a change of meds happened and now she is feeling good.

Last night I got to meet my new group of beginner knitters! And after a little talking to one of them, I found that one of the ladies is my husbands kindergarten teacher! How cool is that? Talk about full circle. Teaching a former teacher. Fills my heart with happiness!

And tonight, is probably one of the proudest nights a parent can experience. Our oldest daughter, Hannah, is graduating 8th grade is the valedictorian of her class and is giving a speech (which I am sure will be awesome and a little jaw dropping for some). So while the week certain has been full of bumps everyone is safe, healthy, and happy. Good way to end the week.

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