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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ever have one of those moments

Last night my daughter and I had our girl scout meeting, but we as a troop had planned to make dinner for their parents. You know what for a bunch of kids that had never helped in the kitchen before they had a great time. The food was great and they each tried something new. So we packed up afterward and headed home. Silly me thought oh now I can relax and knit my sock... Well, I got the kids in bed and sat down to try on my sock I had gotten to the picked up stitches...this is the point where I always try them on for myself...And guess what. They don't even come close to fitting....I growled and grumped at my poor husband who said, "Just take it out." Didn't he know how much love and care I had put into this sock? No. So this morning I am sitting here with a beautiful skein of Lornas Lace that I just want to become a nice pair socks with no more trouble...Note the ball it is in...since no matter how much hinting I give to hubby he just doesn't seem to see the importance of a ball winder. Maybe now he will understand.

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