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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, tomorrow is Hannah's 13th birthday. Aside from the fact that I don't feel old enough to have a teenage daughter, the day always makes me think of a different time. Hannah was 2.5 weeks late, and I didn't know any better and didn't question my doctors opinion of letting me go a little longer. I lost 27 lbs. when I was pregnant with her as morning sickness was morning, noon and night. The day before she was born I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and packed up the things we would not need because we were also getting ready to move, and for dinner I decided to make pizza. After dinner I remember not feeling so well so I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Some time around midnight I woke up feeling the wave that is nausea and ran to the bathroom. As I sat on the edge of the tub for the millionth time in the last 9 months, I became aware that I had a terrible backache. So I thought maybe a shower would help.... I bounced back and forth between the nausea and the pain for another hour before I decided to wake Keith up. I was getting scared because the pain felt like someone jabbing me with a knife.

Well he got up and watched me for a few and decided it was time to call the doctors office. The nurse actually laughed at us when we said that my back pains were happening about every 5 minutes. Looking back I know now that I was having back labor, but really nothing I had read prepared me for this!

So, after they decided that I better get to the hospital, Keith called our friend Jasper for a ride. See being poor college students we had no car. So at 3 am. after I had scooted down the stairs on my bum, Jasper roared up in the "bumblebee" truck and took us on a high speed trip down the highway. We got to the hospital and the emergency enterance was locked...really. So, I had to walk around to another door.

Once we got to the hospital things started to blur together. At first they didn't know whether I was in real labor or not (hour 4 folks) and then they decided to give me demerol (which I found out I was allergic to). I don't remember much between then and the actual delivery room, except my husband pacing. They kept coming in the room and watching the monitors and making notes, they acted worried but didn't tell us anything was wrong. At some point a nurse went to leave the room and looking over her shoulder says, "if the baby comes before I get back remember to support the head" I don't know much but, probably a couple with their first baby on the way, completely scared as we were, she should have been a little understanding.

Finally they told me they wanted me to give them a trial push. The next thing I know the doctor is standing there telling me to stop while she got her gown on the rest of the way! A couple of pushes later Hannah was born at 11:35 am. I thought then and I know now that everything that followed was not normal for a healthy baby. I wasn't allowed to touch her even, she was blue, she had her cord around her neck twice, and she was limp. No crying. except for my tears there were none. The immediately gave her oxygen, started rubbing her, and within seconds she started to fuss. The whole room let a sigh of relief. I touched her for just a second, not registering the words the nurse was saying about lack of oxygen, limp, observation. Then the focus turned back to me... I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering, my temp was up to 104.5 and my blood pressure fell so low they were having issues finding it. Why? We still don't know, could be the reaction to Demerol, the stress, anything.

It was 7 that night before I was even allowed near her again, I had a mask on, and she had all kinds of tubes hooked up to her. We found out later that she had hypoglycemia (still does) and had broken her collar bone. She spent the first 6 days of her life in neonatal and the first morning she woke up at home was Mothers Day.

Today, she is a healthy, smart, funny, young lady. I love her to pieces and some day I hope she realizes the scares that she gave us her very first week. So, Happy Birthday Hannah. 13 times around the sun, something once we didn't think you would get to. I love you.

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