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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Only a few more weeks

I am insanely happy about the semester almost being over. The very thought of being able to do whatever I need and want to for even three weeks while DH and kiddos finish up the semester makes me so happy!!! I have felt like I am running with no hope of catching up in the near future this term. I think between me getting sick(which is fairly rare) and taking a couple of classes which are project based, just too much.
Meanwhile tomorrows goal is to get pictures of Oblique online and show everyone how it is going. This weekend we (DH and I) are escaping to go hang out with a couple of our friends at Camp Zoe for a weekend of song and dance! Jerry Garcia band and the Swag! I am excited and hopefully this will ground me a little. As a former music major I find even in this life of nutrition that I need the musical escape every now and then to just relax. I hope we have good weather it sounds though like we will get rain on Friday... Cross your fingers. See you all soon!

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