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Friday, March 28, 2008

Too long

I apologize for taking so long to blog again. No real excuse just life, I guess. I have been knitting like a crazy person... I have a couple of people to picture still of various projects but I promise I will do that soon. Here is one picture of Hannah trying on her brothers Christmas socks. And another of Lucky kitty smiling as he cuddles with my very own beautiful sock.... I have never known a cat to smile as much as he does.
School continues...I have a little more than 11 hours left! Scary and then I get to start doing Dietetic work. Excited however nervous it has been 11 years since I have had a full time job. Being a mom has been more a top item but the kids keep on growing. It must be the good and Yum-o food like the Buffalo Chili from Rachael Ray. The kids love trying new foods so at least one night a week I try to fix something completely different. No one can ever say that the food is boring in this house.
Right now I am working on a sweater with Cascade yarn that my wonderful, understanding friend Deb gave me for my birthday. I am making Oblique from Knitty. Isn't it beautiful? For anyone who doesn't know me I am a rather busty girl and find it hard to find sweaters that will fit without major alterations. This is my first attempt to knit a grownup sweater. I am excited! I will try to get some pictures of it soon. I am off to do some much needed home and housework.

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